Maybe I should update more than twice a year

Checking in.

  • I started a new job a couple of months ago, which I really like. It’s still weird to leave the house every day, after 6 and a half years of working from home.
  • I’m on week 5 of a couch to 5k plan. I do this most years. It’s going well so far.
  • I’m tracking my exercise in Google Fit again, and my walking and running in Runkeeper. I’m looking into FitBits.
  • I’m playing with ifttt again, after a few years of not using it. So far the only thing I’m doing with it that I see the results of is that when I read an article in Pocket, the article gets added to my Google Calendar.
  • I’m hungry. I should get lunch soon.
  • Really looking forward to Hal-Con this year. We didn’t think we were going to make it, and it’s possible that we still might not, but we’ve got our weekend passes and a hotel booked.
  • The reason we might not make it is because my wife will be having neurosurgery this summer, to address her chiari malformation. Probably next month, which should leave her recovered in time to go. But we won’t get the surgery date until about a week before it’s going to happen, and the recovery time is 6-8 weeks. So there’s a chance we’ll have to miss it.