Ermahgerd I gert a MacBerk

This is a test post, from the desktop app. No promises that starting to use a desktop app will be the magic solution to me remembering to update my blog on the regular. Having the app on my phone never did, after all.

I bought a MacBook Pro, which I like quite a bit so far. Of course I’ve only had it for a couple of days, so the shine hasn’t worn off yet. But I’ve been a Linux user for quite a while, so I’m already familiar with UNIX-like systems. And it’s nice to not have to worry about, say, having to spend an afternoon fussing over my wireless drivers after an update. Or my battery life being utter garbage. Anyway, I expect I’m going to like this just fine.

I chose to get one of the MacBooks with a French keyboard, for the odd time that I need/want to write in French. I like having the accented characters handy, but it’s going to take some retraining to avoid just hitting è everytime I want to use an apostrophe.

Peut-être je vais écrire içi en francais aussi, parfois.

Anyway, a really quick update on how we’re doing:

  • Cohen is going into grade 1 now. He’s super into Pokémon now. We’re playing the TCG together sometimes.
  • The whole family is playing Pokémon Go, although Cohen only plays with us, not on his own yet. He doesn’t have his own phone, aside from using my old Galaxy S2X to play a few games. It won’t run Pokémon Go.
  • KJ and I are getting more serious about tackling our debt. We, uh, we didn’t decide that we were going to do that until after I bought the Mac, for the record.
  • We had our 10th anniversary this week.