Hello. It me. Negligent writer.

The other day I was reading an old Lifehacker post about journalling, and told myself I should get back into that. So instead of actually starting to do so that day, or the next day, or etc., I spent a few days thinking about how I would want to format journal entries. I was thinking about stuff like listing what music I was listening to, and what sort of mood I thought I was in. It later dawned on me that what I thought was turning into a pretty good format was actually turning into Livejournal circa 2006.

I guess that’s fitting, because lately I’ve been listening to Bloc Party’s first two albums a lot. LJ was also the first spot where I did any regular journalling.

Anyway, I’m bored and distracted a lot lately, but generally fine. No current (non-day job) projects of note to write about. I did promise to run a D&D campaign in the near(ish) future, so I should start working on that.

2016-01-23 14.46.18My son is really into Star Wars now. He’s seen the first 6 movies, and a bunch of the more recent Clone Wars cartoon. We didn’t take him to see The Force Awakens because we weren’t sure he would sit through the whole thing. He really missed out, because that was awesome.

We’ve been playing the old Wizards of the Coast Star Wars miniatures game lately. He’s got a lot of the basics down, although he still need help building a team, and doing the math to resolve attacks. He plays with the figures most days, even when we don’t make time to play the game itself.

I bought a PS4 shortly after Christmas, so I divide a lot of my free time between Dragon Age: Inquisition and Minecraft now. I’m slightly past the point where I want to do nothing but play these, although by no means am I bored of them.

I’m starting another frivolous shopping ban, for at least a couple of months. Mostly I’m just not happy with the balance on my credit card, but at least partially because my house is starting to feel cluttered again.

My guitar has been neglected since the fall, although I’ve bookmarked some tabs that I want to play around with. I should get around to learning how to play an entire song. Or even most of one.

My regular exercise has just been walking to the mailbox and back (about 10 minutes, total) and about 15 minutes of yoga at my desk, most week days. There’s been a bit of shovelling here and there, because it’s winter and I’m in Canada.

I’ve had a cold for about three weeks, although that’s mostly gone now. I had a vasectomy two weeks ago, which probably went fine but I won’t find out if it actually worked until May. My diet could always be better, but hasn’t been that bad lately. I got new glasses last month. I’m going to the dentist on Tuesday. I’d like to book a massage but I haven’t decided if that counts as frivolous spending yet.

Here’s a music video: