Two things I won’t miss after the election is over

1. The phrase “Prime Minister Stephen Harper” being used without the word “former” preceding it.

Yes, I know that’s not certain at this point. But we all need at least a little bit of hope in our lives, and at least some of mine comes with a vivid image of that cynical turd being chased out of Ottawa. Occasionally it involves him making an escape on a log floating down the Ottawa river. I’ll leave it for you to decide if he needs to morph into a cartoon and do the Log Driver’s Waltz. Let’s just make his exit memorable.

2. Seeing my friends that are… let’s say enthusiastically partisan so that I can remain friends with at least some of them. Seeing my friends that are enthusiastically partisan lauding everything their party’s leader says and does as if its perfect.

I get that being a member of a party has to involve a certain amount of justifying everything to yourself. And yeah, there’s got to be a certain amount of cheerleading for something that you believe in. But it would be really nice to make it through my social media feeds during at least one of the next 70ish days and not lament that someone’s critical reasoning skills have been replaced by some party slogans.

Nothing makes me want to stomp the suffrage out of someone quite like hearing that their party leader looks ready to be prime minister. Can we at least do away with those specific words? I’m looking at you, NDP and Liberal supporting friends. I basically want one of those two parties to win (mostly because the Greens don’t have a shot, but here’s hoping they pick up a couple more seats in the process). Preferably the NDP, because at least they didn’t vote for Bill C-51, but I’ll take all the not the Conservatives again that I can get.