How I’ve been doing

A quick update on what I’ve been up to.

The shopping ban: I’m doing well on this one, but I think it’s only because some of the rules were poorly defined. By that I mean that I haven’t done any shopping, but I have ignore the spirit of the ban and bought fast food on, I think, three occasions. Which doesn’t sound like much, until you consider that I bought it for the whole family. This means I’ve spent somewhere between $70 and $90 on fast food this month. I’m unlikely to never buy fast food again, but I’m going to try to get that under $50 for next month.

Also, KJ got a tattoo, and therefore lost the shopping ban wager. Technically she got two tattoos, but one of them was planned before we agreed to the wager, so that one didn’t count against her. Anyway, I have to figure out where she’s taking me to eat when we’re in Halifax for Hal-Con.

Guitar: I’m kind of at a pause in my lessons (more on that in a minute), but I’m still practising most days. Like, 6 days a week, if not 7. I may only practice for 20 minutes some of those days. But I’m slowly getting better at the little bits I’ve learned.

I’ve decided to slow down on the lessons because I was blowing through them kinda fast. It’s a disadvantage to doing an online course. You finish a video, and the next one is right there. The instructor tells you to practice, but I mean, you’ve got time for another video and you think you’re keeping up pretty well. Next thing you know, your chord changes are sloppy and slow, you can play a scale but not identify the notes you’ve played, etc. But I’m making progress, and I’ll get to at least a basic competency at some point.

French: Give me another month and I think I’ll be at the end of what Duolingo offers for lessons. I need to get into reading and writing French more often if I really want to relearn the language. Reading a couple articles a week isn’t really going to cut it, long term.

Meditation: Still doing it once a day, still getting distracted a couple of minutes into it.

Exercise: I’ve put in a half an hour a day at least, all but one day since vacation. Mostly walking and yoga. I’m feeling and looking better than I have in a couple of years. It’s weird because I keep noticing little changes, like my posture has improved and I have pecs now.

Other stuff: Cohen and I got library cards yesterday. I’d like us to make going there a routine. It’ll help with the no shopping thing, but more importantly it’ll keep him excited and looking for new things that interest him. Plus libraries are one of the best things that humans have come up with, and we should take advantage of having access to them.