Weekly wrap-up, 6 July

I’m a day late getting to this. Which is probably OK, because my regular readership here is small, and composed almost entirely of people that I know, and who I expect would be forgiving about that sort of thing.

Also, because I’m the only person that has any interest in the schedule around here.

Last week was quiet. I spent Canada Day watching documentaries, putting together Lego kits, and generally just hiding out from any overt signs of patriotism or national pride. Part of that included starting a rewatch of the original Cosmos, which I’m bringing up mostly because Kelly-Jo and I finished watching the more recent incarnation of Cosmos last night. Either one is a well done series. Both Carl Sagan and Neil deGrasse Tyson did very well at making the science seem accessible, and both versions were good about following up the more dire content with optimistic notes. I’ve seen criticism of the history in both (especially around the story of Hypatia in the first, and Giordano Bruno in the newer one), which is likely valid. I’m hardly an expert in the history of science, but I know enough to find fault with the depiction of the Medieval period in Europe as “the dark ages” and so on.

But Cosmos was always a tool to get people excited about science, not a serious work of  history, and both versions are certainly good for that. I prefer the original, mostly because Sagan’s presentation was, I feel, much more poetic. Which is something I think is true of Sagan in general. Go read (or watch) his pale blue dot bit and tell me it isn’t moving.

Before we get too far from talk of people who take liberties in their presentation of history, I’m reading the latest Jared Diamond book.

Here’s an update on the webcomic that my wife and I are starting. The site is built. I’ve done another draft of the first four scripts, and KJ has started doing the art. Still no release date, but neither of us are going to shut up about that once it’s out, so I wouldn’t worry about missing it.

I’ve got a kernel of another writing project floating around. It may live here, but I’m not sure yet. I’ve never been good at figuring out what I want to do with this space. Anyway, more on that as it develops.