Weekly wrap-up, 19 July

Today was date night. Well, date afternoon, really. Afternoons are easier to come by some times. Anyway, KJ and I went to Chess Piece, our favourite pâtisserie (OK, basically the only pâtisserie in town, but it’s seriously good).

We followed that up with a trip to Strange Adventures (our local comic shop), running errands and watching Adventure Time, because we’re good at dates. I’m not actually being facetious there, it was a nice afternoon.

One of our errands was buying a bike for Cohen. He doesn’t know yet, because why give a kid a new bike on a rainy day? We’ll let him know about it on Tuesday or so. Whenever it’s nice out next.

Let’s circle back to Adventure Time for a second. I read the Banana Guard Academy trade a couple of days ago. It was a decent enough story, with just enough weirdness thrown in to make it work as an Adventure Time story. That was after I finished reading the Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, which was well done. I’ll definitely read the next book in the series, and probably soon. Before that though, Moonshot: The Indigenous Comics Collection.

I’m most of the way through Jared Diamond’s The World Until Yesterday too. There’s a lot of interesting bits to chew on in there, as he’s telling about different approaches to warfare, childcare, care of the elderly, etc in what he calls traditional societies, and some contrasting of that with modern industrial societies. He’s not really drawing any conclusions (at least not yet), but I think that’s the point. He wants to get his reader to think about different approaches, not to give them the answer.

Hey, have you noticed that it’s getting boring around here? (I checked Facebook mid-sentence, so clearly I have.) Just alternating between the two basic post types? Yeah, I need to do something about that.

I bought a guitar last week (but I don’t have it yet, and also don’t know how to play it). I also started meditating regularly, and doing yoga semi-regularly. I stopped using Snapchat, which I had only started using a couple of weeks ago anyway, because it just wasn’t doing much for me. I’ll miss Felicia Day singing to her coffee, because that’s essentially how I define my sexuality now. I mostly posted photos with terrible puns, which I can do just as well on Tumblr. I posted something on ello, because I remembered that it existed for a few minutes. I’ve got a website to build, and a D&D adventure to write. There’s that comic that KJ and I are working on. So, you know, I’ve been doing stuff, or will be doing stuff, some of which is creative and worth writing about here.

For now though, it’s a cool evening, The air is fresh. I can hear birds through our open windows. I’m going to read comics and generally have a nice night.