Weekly wrap-up, 12 July

Who wants to hide out with their air conditioner and Netflix today? Doesn’t matter, that’s all of my plans and I’m sticking with them.

I guess that’s only partially true. I’ve got D&D tonight, and right now I’m watching Crash Course World History 2 on YouTube. I’ll probably play some Civ later?

Speaking of Civ, I wanted to play that the other day, then discovered that I really don’t understand how to install proprietary graphics drivers in Fedora. So after ruining that install, I switched back to Ubuntu, which actually makes installing those drivers relatively simple. The year of Linux on the desktop will show up any time now.

No changes in what I’m reading from last week. I’ll note that The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms got good once I got three or four chapters in, then really good a few chapters after that.