Weekly wrap-up, June 28

I did a fresh OS install on my laptop. So I’m pretty much going to spend the next few days fixing problems that I only vaguely remember having from previous installs. Hoorah?

I don’t have much else to talk about this week. Kelly-Jo is a vendor at¬†Animaritime, so it’s mostly just me and Cohen around the house this weekend. There’s been a lot of Lego work, which is one of the better parts of parenting.

There’s also been a lot of Chuck and Friends, which is not one of the better parts of parenting. You win some, you lose some.

Still reading Celts in the Americas. I’ve started into The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms, which is OK, so far. I read Adventure Time: The Flip Side earlier in the week, which mostly just made me second guess why I’m reading Adventure Time comics that aren’t written by Ryan North, Danielle Corsetto, or Kate Leth. I picked up the Banana Guard Academy trade at the same time, and I just haven’t been interested in reading it. I’ll get to it eventually. Maybe I would’ve enjoyed Flip Side more if I had read the issues as they came out, instead of all together. But man it dragged on.