What’s to come

2014 was the year I decided to take on a writing project in public. I’ve been writing a haiku a day all year, and posting them on Twitter and Facebook. The idea behind this project was simple enough. I wanted to write something every day, and doing it in public kept me honest about that. If I missed a day (and so far, I’ve only missed one) it would be obvious to anyone who was paying attention.

I didn’t expect there would be all that many people paying attention, but the daily haiku project has been received well enough, judging from the likes/favourites/retweets/comments. I’m going to publish the results in an ebook early next year. I’m keeping the date vague, because I haven’t decided if what needs to go in the book other than the haiku themselves. Some of the haiku were originally published with pictures, hashtags, etc. that I’ll want to include. I may include commentary for some of them.

I’m also done with haiku. I hope any time I’m tempted to write one after this year, that I write a limerick or a sonnet or something else instead.

I definitely want another writing project, and I want it to be public again. This is what I’ve come up with:

  • I need to produce something at least 5 days a week. It may not be the same days days each week.
  • I’m allowing myself to replace the writing for 2 of those days each week with another creative endeavour, like a drawing or a video.
  • In addition to this (not a replacement for writing), I’ll do a “throwback Thursday” post every week. However, instead of an throwback picture to, say, my childhood, I’ll be posting a picture of myself every Thursday that was taken the previous Thursday.
  • I’m allowing myself to write fiction, non-fiction and poetry here. I will post incomplete drafts as I produce them. I will, some days, just revise these drafts and post that instead of a new piece of writing.
  • The non-writing creative endeavours can also be a work in progress when I post them.
  • I’ll sometimes just do a stream-of-consciousness post, but I only get credit for those once a week. That is, I can post those as often as I like, but I won’t count more then 1 toward my 5 writings per week goal.
  • I might do themes? I ran this idea by my friend Corenski, and it was something that he suggested. I expect I’m going to do some of these, but I’m not sure yet if I want to schedule themes, or if I just want to let them occur organically.

I don’t have a definite end goal in mind for this. Also, you could probably argue convincingly that this isn’t really a project, is it? I’m tempted to say that it’s going to go until I produce another book of some sort, and that it has to be a coherent book like a short story collection, not just a collection of unrelated posts that I think were interesting. But I’m going to leave the end undefined until I get a sense of where things are really going.