Things I have left to sort out for the new project

I’m going to do a bit of thinking out loud here, because it kind of fits the spirit of the new project, and because it helps me build the habit of posting here more often.

  1. I don’t have a title for the project. I think I should come up with something that’s descriptive, but also short enough to use as a hashtag. #dailyhaiku was pretty obvious for the daily haiku project, but so far nothing has jumped out at me for this one. Of course it might make more sense, when I’m sharing posts elsewhere, to use some hashtag(s) more specific to the content that I’m sharing, rather than a general one for the project.
  2. I haven’t decided what to share elsewhere. Do I share everything, which could be overkill, or do I just share, say, the first instance of something and then the final version?
  3. What do I do about comments? Right now I have comments set to closer on posts after a few days. It keeps the spam down. Do I want to keep it that way? I kind of expect most chatter will take place on Twitter or Facebook anyway.
  4. What do I host here, and what do I publish elsewhere but embed here? Like, I’m going to host any videos I do on YouTube, but do I want to host still pictures on Instagram or something?
  5. What do I do when I don’t meet my goals for any given week? This has been a non-issue with the daily haiku thing, because I only missed one day. Embarrassing stunt? Charitable donation? Some combination of the two?